Introductory Questions

Brandon Krisko, Interaction Foundations, Fall 2018

1. My name is Brandon and I am a senior studying Psychological and Brain Sciences, with minors in Drama and Design.

2. I am interested in combining my backgrounds in Psychology and Design to work as a UX Designer.

3. I do not have any experience with HTML or CSS, but I am excited to learn!

4. I hope to learn how to design interactive experiences in such a way that they are more intuitive for users.

5. I expect that when designing for the screen, functionality takes precedence over appearance.

6. A website that I think is particularly well designed is Spyhouse Coffee's Website. Spyhosue is a coffeeshop in Minnesota, and their website features appealing images of forests and pastries. The color scheme is clean, bright, modern, and inviting. All of the helpful links are easy to find at the top of the page.

7. A website that I think is particularly effective at communication is Morningstar, Inc.'s Corporate Site. The different sections of the information are labeled with clear and colloquial headings, and things are summarized in small, easy to digest phrases. Additionally, pictures accompany the text to enhance the messages.

8. A website that I think works well is the Danish Institute for Study Abroad's Website. The bright colors accentuate the things that a user needs to find, the videos are interesting but do not detract from the experience of reading the site, and nothing requires too much scrolling.